Advice on Sunncamp and StarCamp Contempo Porch Awning

May 2nd

Porch Awning – Instant R & R areas, extra storage locations, outdoor reception and eating places, or perhaps a bed for dogs or while communicating with nature under the sky canopy are some of the many ways in which caravans and campers use for motor homes. When it comes to contemporary overhangs, Sunncamp and StarCamp brands from the Contempo decorating hall offer distinct advantages for RVs and trailers, both for commercial and home use.

Porch Awning Sizes
Porch Awning Sizes

Not one but three entrances provide Sunncamp Contempo’s first terrace to come at a focus on adaptability. In addition to the closed front opening with the drawing window, it has a J-type side opening with mesh airflow plus two pairs of windows with a curtain. Weighing 10.8kg, this is more than the usual unassigned porch and the storage is very easy with the ladder strap screws and the pile bonds that are easily changed. 300cm wide and 280cm depth are suitable for camping vans with a height of 230 Ð 245cm. The contempt by Sunncamp has a ripstop polyester sheet (2000mm HH) stretched over a fiberglass structure. A porch awning ensures a steady appearance for the Contempo StarCamp tent, adding a long lasting appeal to the unit.

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By sticking tight stitches to challenge the severe natural elements, polyester ripstop sheets (3000mm HH) are stretched on a reinforced fiberglass frame. This amount reaches 10.6kg weight, ensuring simple installation and storage. In addition to opening the front panel, side panels catapult sports net’s to improve ventilation. The caravan measuring 235 Ð 250cm in height fits perfectly with 300cm in width and 300cm Contempo depth by StarCamp.

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Porch awning not only protects homes, shops, RVs and buildings from the adverse effects of climate and repeated use but also expands living space and work space. The universal rooftop terrace, Sunncamp’s terrace and StarCamp Contempo serve as low-cost instantaneous canopies for various destinations, from expanding parking spaces to motorcycles or bicycles. As a bonus, offering a used camper for sale with special accessories such as door awnings, windows or terraces increases the retail value.


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