Balcony Gardening An Oasis In The Sky

Oct 13th

Balcony Gardening An Oasis In The Sky – Growing urbanization has caused a growing number of people to turn their sky high stamp-sized balcony into a green oasis amongst the clouds. This isn’t somewhere you can pat down a few inches of top soil or roll out the turf so what should you do to transform this space into you own little paradise? An important thing to consider before you dump half a tonne of botany on your balcony is how much weight it can actually support. If you can contact the managers of the building they may be able to give you a rough guide but the answer will be in the building specifications if you can get hold of them. If you consider how many people you can fit on the balcony, how much they would all weigh is about the right answer.

Small Balcony Gardening
Small Balcony Gardening

Plan out your use of space for balcony gardening, this might seem unnecessary because there isn’t much of it but you don’t want to render your balcony completely useless by cramming it full of pots. If you want to maximize floor space consider boxes that can hook onto the ledge of your safety rail or think about fewer, larger pots that can be planted with a selection of different plants. This will give the illusion of more space than having many small pots cluttering the floor. Plastic pots will minimize weight and can be bought in any size and with the effect of zinc, aluminum or terracotta. Long thin pots will also allow you to plant along the borders of your balcony rather than just taking up each corner.

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Instead of just filling each pot for balcony gardening with soil, fill the first quarter with terracotta or polystyrene balls to assist drainage then fill the remainder with a potting compost as this will contain all the nutrients your plants will need, also drill some small holes on the side about 2cm from the bottom, this will mean that you can place the pot directly on the balcony without having to elevate it for drainage. When all is ready, decide what kinds of plants you want. It might be tempting to buy expensive, exotic plants but it is more practical to buy some sturdier, all year round plants like ferns, ivy or small conifers. This will give you a base of greenery on your balcony before you attempt to add more colors. At the right time of year, add some color by planting the seeds of something seasonal like marigolds, petunias, fuchsias or geraniums. Raising them from seed will give you the chance to add a personal touch to the garden and when it is finished you will be able to forget about the hustle and bustle that surrounds you and drift off into a world of serenity.