Best Wood Solution for Mahogany Decking

Nov 29th

Mahogany Decking – Piers are subject to greater environmental stress than possibly other possible structures. The constant flow and flow of water – especially in the sea – can wreak havoc on the docks in a very short time. When building a dock, the factor that makes most people confused is which type of wood is best suited for decking the dock. This is understandable, because there are many options. Fortunately, there are clear winners in the group, but first, let’s discuss the kind of wood that should not be used for pier decking.

Mahogany Decking Treatment
Mahogany Decking Treatment

First, there is the option of using pine. Mahogany decking tends to be one of the cheapest options you can use to build pier decking, and many people use it. The problem faced is not durable to withstand the conditions that must be faced. Pine prints very quickly, and deteriorates in little time. This is a common case of “you get what you pay for.” While in many other pine trees may be the wood of choice, there is even no comparison in terms of making pier decking.

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There is also an option to use mahogany. Mahogany decking is more expensive than pine, and also slightly more powerful and durable, but still suffers from the same type of pine problem. Mahogany is rich in new times, but will be created as quickly as pine and flammable. Many people do not realize this when they go to build their dock, in this case it is too late. There is only one way to go when finding the right wood for the dock decking, and that is the Ipe. Spoken, “ee-pee,” Ipe is also known as “Brazilian Wood” and is one of the most difficult forests known to man. This is advantageous for those who want to build a dock because wood hardness directly affects its durability, as well as its ability to withstand environmental hazards. Ipe is mold and fireproof, and very difficult, sometimes called “ironwood” by people in this business.

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