Diy Wood Fireplace Mantels

Nov 7th

Wood fireplace mantels – Before you begin to build the stove, check the location near your fireplace to decide how to attach it to the wall. Structure around your fireplace can help you conclude whether you can place a single wooden shelf over the stove. Or if you are going to surround the opening with a wooden mantle frame. A fireplace surrounded by brick or stone will look awkward with a wooden frame and force you to choose a single shelf. But a fireplace with just drywall gives you the freedom to add a shelf or full mantle frame. Building of wood fireplace mantels; you only need a single plank of wood for a sheath shelf and a pair of wooden slats for a mantle frame.

Wood Fireplace Mantels Idea
Wood Fireplace Mantels Idea

Shelf for both must be the length of the fireplace or exceed. The shelf can be a simple piece of wood or one with decorative features. Two thick fittings attached to the shelf of the project’s single shelf will help keep the shelf to the wall. You can grind down the shelf and paint or stain it. But it is best to do this before attaching it to the wall. To complete this step before it is attached to the wall will help you reach all surfaces of the shelf with an even layer of color instead of trying to nicely paint edge near the wall. If you want to make a casing wood fireplace mantels frame, attach ornate page pieces to the shelf. Side structures typically line the outer edge of the fireplace opening.

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But as this is a customizable project, you can create your own dimensions.  Consider using screws and a screw gun over nails when attaching side casing pieces to the shelf because screws grab wood with their raised edges. In either project use wooden pieces that have a flat back to rest against the walls. Mounting of wood fireplace mantels; Wall anchors in any stone, brick or stud-free drywall will serve as the most suitable starting point for the shelf. If you can hire a person to keep the cloak shelf in place while turning it into the wall anchors or plaster wall studs, it will make your work easier and you can make sure it gets hung straight. Also place a plan on the shelf to ensure that you are screwed it evenly.

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