Front Porch Designs Ideas

May 15th

Front porch designs – Create a porch that is an extension of the family living space. Plan a veranda for dining and relaxation after work in good weather, for example. Build or renovate a veranda with generous hangovers that shelter you from rain and snow, so you will want to use it more often. Design it to support a porch casing if you want to add glass or screening at any time, too.

Front Porch Designs Traditional
Front Porch Designs Traditional


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Sketch the house and roof lines first. Front porch designs ceiling lines to fit well into your home’s existing hip ceilings, multi-roof lines or ranch-type ceilings, for example. Create porch space to look as if it has always been in place, not on. Draw the veranda design with overhangs and gutters that blend seamlessly with the house overhang to accomplish this. Incorporate appropriate porch materials. Plan to enclose the lower half of the veranda, for example, with house exterior walls and install large posts that fit the home’s traditional bungalow design.

Use round, formal posts every 8 meters on a front porch designs that runs around two sides of a house. Calculate if you want to use roofing materials matching what is already installed on the main building. Calculate the veranda floor base. Use concrete if the porch will be built as a plate around a beach home, for example. Planning to install oak floor if the porch will have a crawl ground below. Choose a floor foundation design that looks seamless with home ground from real estate, though. Use a stacked stone foundation for the porch if stacked stones are used around the house foundation.

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Sketch the rails that can work for the front porch designs. Use near the rails no wider than 5 inches apart, if small children will play on the porch. Installing rails gave home an improved ranch look, if the basic house design is a retro ranch look. Take advantage of columns every 6 or 8 feet that fit well with rails and railing. Plan rails to extend each side of the front steps to add a more formal look. Select lighting and furniture.  Buy an outdoor dining table with comfortable chairs, an outdoor vinyl-seat bench and metal accent table.

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