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Mar 28th

Japanese Gazebo – Gazebo in the Japanese style combines minimalism and elegance. Now many construction companies make such orders “turnkey”, but, if you want, and the availability of construction techniques, you can build a lookout, and with your own hands. Select a suitable location is desirable, it offers the best view. If the site is small, it is best if the gazebo will be visible from the whole territory. In a large plot put the gazebo, so you can enjoy the house and that’s it. Very good, if you have planned a fountain or a small pool. Its proximity to the gazebo is very appropriate. Think Orientation.

Japanese Gazebo Small
Japanese Gazebo Small

In the gazebo in the Japanese style has a solid wall. If you do will be the south. Parallel to their position supports the canopy. It will result that they will be directed from east to west. Such arrangement is convenient in other ways in the japanese gazebo is a shady site at any time of the day. Pay attention to the choice of material. Of course, it is very tempting to build a gazebo made of reeds and wax paper as they sometimes do in Japan. But note the difference in weather conditions. Reed gazebo will last a season. So be it wood or stone. It is true that this latter option is not very useful. Interior made with the same material as the gazebo itself. Naked sitting on the stone bench is not even on a hot summer day.

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Can, of course, use a pillow, but it would be a violation of Japanese style, which does not tolerate anything extra. Divide each leg height into 4-6 equal parts. Likewise mark and vertical slats. Cross is required placed horizontally. Fix the cross. “Skeleton” gazebo you are ready. For japanese gazebo, it is necessary to choose the right furniture. It can be on a wooden bench. Table appropriate and low. If you really want something that lay on the floor, let it be a mat.

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