Subway Tile Backsplash Idea

Jan 21st

Subway tile backsplash – Traditional subway tiles are rectangular plates that are twice as long as they are high. Most commonly seen as a 3-of-6-inch tile, the subway tile has begun to be manufactured in other sizes. And also more long-range configurations that mimic the original 2-of-6-inch subway-size plates. While you can always put the plates in an offset pattern, you can find another style that works better in your kitchen. Carousel; Subway tile or rectangular tiles can be laid out to create a fishbowl pattern. This pattern can be used just behind the stove or everywhere along the backsplash.

White Subway Tile Backsplash
White Subway Tile Backsplash

The pattern is done by placing a tray at a 45 degree angle to the counter. A second plate has its short end to the bottom, the long end of the first plate. The tiles are then laid off by these two in a pattern of some displaced V figures that move over backsplash, add detail and subtle design. Parquet pattern subway tile backsplash; Parquet patterns are perfect in kitchen backsplashes when made of subway tiles that are 3 of 6 inches in size. This because most backsplashes are 18 inches in height, the parquet pattern can repeat three times from the counter to the cabinet. Place two subway plates at the top of each other.

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Next to them lay two subway plates in length, on top of the other. Reverse the pattern and build on top until you cover the space. If you use a blend of glossy and matte tiles for further depth, this pattern can be used to cover the entire backsplash. Modern design; to use subway trays in a modern or modern kitchen, considers using elongate tiles. Such as 4-of-12-inch plates instead of the traditional subway size. Install plates in either a random pattern, so the grout leader does not lie up or stack plates perfectly square on top of each other. Either way, it will create a modern look in your kitchen that updates the traditional subway tile backsplash design.

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