Traditional Charm Rustic Dinnerware

Nov 4th

Rustic dinnerware – If there is something captivating of small rural hotels is its traditional charm. Spaces that seem to have stopped in time to give us the opportunity to live scenes of the past with all its charm. Rustic kitchens are one of the favorite scenarios, with their stoneware crockery marked with the imprint of time, baking trays, rustic tablecloths and wicker baskets. Plaids and cushions in beige and gray colors, country accessories for the lobby, glass candle holders and decorative details in terracotta complete this collection of pieces that evoke the rural charm. A recipe of the most traditional!

Wildlife Rustic Dinnerware
Wildlife Rustic Dinnerware

The latest from the English firm Churchill is the Stonecast tableware, a collection of rustic, hand-decorated pieces inspired by the changing seasons and natural foods. This collection of vintage and rustic dinnerware (and therefore fully current) air is painted by hand in the British factory of Chuchill, and ends with a fine speckle and a rustic edge in golden brown. A 100% artisan process that assumes that no two pieces are exactly alike, which adds charm to the product. The different pieces of Stonecast (bowls of different sizes, bowls, and saucers, round, square and triangular dishes, rectangular trays, cups …) offer multiple possibilities of presentation on the table.

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The studied range of colors (light blue “duck egg”, broken white, spicy orange and gray), which combine perfectly among them, the variety of pieces and the rustic finish allows Stonecast to combine perfectly with all kinds of food and to be perfect for many different types of restaurants, from traditional to more informal, specializing in oriental, ethnic or tapas cuisine, or gastronomic restaurants. In all cases this rustic dinnerware adds value and authenticity to the presentation, and allows each establishment to achieve its “own” table service, from breakfast to dinner. Made in England, Stonecats is a collection for hotel use, super vitrified, high resistance. Churchill also offers an extensive collection of accessories (pots, bowls and wooden buckets, wooden trays …) to achieve unique presentations.

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