Uses Rustic Sideboard Furniture

Sep 26th

Uses Rustic Sideboard Furniture – The design of traditional houses usually did not include much space for storage. Because of that furniture makers were called upon to solve the problem of where to keep things when they were not being used every day. The dining room generally had one of those solutions in the form of the rustic sideboard. The rustic sideboard would be the place where food would be placed before the meal. The hostess would serve each item of the menu from the rustic sideboard. The dining table would only hold the plates, cups, and other eating utensils along with the centerpiece only. At the end of the meal the rustic sideboard would be the staging area for any desserts and cordials.

Vintage Rustic Sideboard
Vintage Rustic Sideboard

Once the dishes were washed and dried, the rustic sideboard would also be the storage place between meals. The structure of the rustic sideboard was generally five to six-feet in length by eighteen inches deep by thirty-eight to forty-one inches tall. The height was configured to the waist height of the hostess, for the top of the rustic sideboard had to coincide with her ability to carry platters of food to and from the furniture piece. The rustic sideboard had cabinets in the main trunk of the piece with at least one and generally two drawers. The top had to be completely flat without any interruption of its surface as it was the main staging area for serving.=

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The rustic sideboard today is a highly sought after piece of furniture. It is still used as a convenient storage cabinet, but it is now found in several other rooms of the house other than the dining room. Some rustic sideboards are being used as decorative furniture pieces in living rooms and even in the foyer of larger houses. Bedrooms are converting rustic sideboards into dressing tables and the location of the bedroom TV set. The modern office now also features a rustic sideboard as a convenient and handsome credenza to augment lack of storage not found in the desk.

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